What are Re-manufactured Ink Cartridges and What are the Benefits of Using Them?

Why pay more for brand new ink cartridges when you can save money by buying re-manufactured cartridges instead? Replacements of branded cartridges are enormously costly these days, and the ink of these replacement cartridges tend to run out rather quickly. On the other hand, re-manufactured cartridges work just as efficiently as the original ones, but their price is 50% less, which makes them a splendid alternative.

What are re-manufactured printer cartridges?

Basically, re-manufactured printer cartridges are actually recycled cartridges that are reprocessed by the professionals in the printing industry and are manufactured once again. Thus, they are referred to as 're-manufactured' cartridges.
The re-manufacturing empty printer cartridges involve the following steps:
1. Collection
2. Thorough cleaning
3. Refilling with professional grade ink
4. Repackaging
5. Re-manufacturing and reselling


What are the benefits of using re-manufactured ink cartridges?

Using printer cartridges has its perks, such as:

More Affordable

The companies that specifically re-manufacture printer cartridges are not under the influence of the original large-scale manufacturers such as Epson, HP and Lexmark. This means that they are independent to set their own prices. If you decide to use re-manufactured printer cartridges, there are some significant savings that you will be able to make.

Better for the Environment

Discarded printer cartridges can be found in landfills all around the world, despite the fact that the plastic these cartridges are made of can be used over and over again. So you will actually support a recycle scheme that can really make a difference if you start using re-manufactured printer cartridges.

Get More Prints

Often when printer cartridges are purchased from the original manufacturers they are not usually fully filled. This means that you have to buy more printer cartridges quite frequently because they run out rather quickly. However, re-manufactured ink cartridges are filled with professional quality ink to the maximum capacity; as a result twice the number of pages can be printed.


Things to Keep in Mind

Re-manufactured printer cartridges indeed live up to their promise and provide a similar quality as new ones, but not all cartridges are re-manufactured to the same high standards. If you want to avoid buying dodgy cartridges then you should consider the following tips:

Friends & Family

If any of your family members or friends has had the experience of using re-manufactured printer cartridges, then you should listen to their recommendations. This will help you find the best, reliable brand. If you do not know anyone who has used a re-manufactured printer cartridge before, then you will just have to take the plunge and follow your instincts.

Challenge your Retailer

The best way to stay safe when buying re-manufactured cartridges is to buy from a retailer that offers guarantee satisfaction so that you can return the cartridges without any hassle if the need arises. If a company is confident about the quality ink cartridges they are selling, they will not hesitate in offering you a money-back guarantee.

Basically, re-manufactured ink cartridges are restored to their original condition, and as mentioned, these cartridges contain far more ink that the originals. So it is evident that buying these cartridges is the better deal.

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