HP Printer Ink

HP offers a wide variety of different printer cartridges to meet all of your printing needs. It can be confusing for those who are not as tech savvy to understand the different between HP printer cartridges. This guide will assist you in getting the proper HP print cartridge for your printer and your personal needs.


The first step to understanding what you need from your HP printer cartridges is to understand your HP printer. There are two types of printers, a regular standard printer and a laser printer. Depending on what you own is going to decide the type of HP printer cartridges you are going to need.


An ink cartridge is what you need for a standard printer. These cartridges contain ink that spreads across the paper. A toner is what is used for a laser printer. Toner is a powder form that is heated by the laser printer to create the words and images on the page. By deciding which ink or toner cartridge you will need for your printer, you are getting the best hp printer cartridges to match your printer and getting the best print quality. Though both ink and toner cartridges serve the same purpose, the difference lies in your printer.


Once you understand your printer, it is important that you examine the difference between the cartridges. A toner cartridge is usually wider then the standard paper. The powder is heated through high temperatures to apply the text and graphics to the page. If you are unsure if your printer takes a toner cartridge, your papers are usually warmer after a toner is used. Hp offers three different types of toner cartridges including original HP toner cartridges, compatible, and remanufactured toner cartridges.


Ink cartridges are much smaller and usually slide simply into a compartment of your printer. HP offers a variety of ink cartridges including ones that are made from recycled material meant to be environmentally sound.


HP printer cartridges come in a variety of different types, you can order these printer cartridges online which will allow you to save on your compatible and re-manufactured HP printer cartridges from the comfort of your couch.

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